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Feminism Fact 1

Feminism projects gynocentric and narcissistic mentality.

Feminism Fact 2

Feminists are entitled and have hypocritical attitudes.

Feminism Fact 3

Feminists use passive-aggressive and manipulative behavior in social, emotional, and financial contexts.

Feminism Fact 4

Feminists love making false accusations and engaging in gaslighting towards boys and men.

Feminism Fact 5

Feminists teach toxic misandric sexist advice from other women.

Feminism Fact 6

Feminists adopt the belief of "just believing women" without unbiased investigation.

Understanding Feminism and Why Feminists Love it

Feminism are made up of gynocentric feminist misandric coddling, idolizing & care for females but ignoring, blaming & vilifying of males abused by females & society. Divisive, misandric sexist gynocentric & feminist propaganda ( infinitely more common than the tiny fraction of 1 % who are trans"women" & males in female sports.

And females for generations have & are now invading, manipulating, falsley accusing & bullying men in what were male spaces, yet refuse equal unbiased honest investigation, responsibility & accountability & its ignored ) infect society, schools, politics... Spread by chivalrous & "woke" feminist teachers, politicians, propoganda, false accusations, dv groups, media...

Misandry is far more common than misogyny.

To divide & weaken ability to defend against corrupt politicians & associates by lying, demonizing males & guns ( politicians & police remain protected by guns & security paid for be we they treat as slaves ) & individuals rights to be freely armed & against anyone including those in government who attempt to violate our lives & freedom.

Indoctrinating society with gynocentric misandric sexist chivalrous & feminist propaganda vilifying, assuming guilt, "toxicity" & abusiveness of males yet innocence, victimhood & honesty of females & feminists. Caring about men only for what men sacrifice of ourselves, our money & lives for chivalry seeking gynocentric females & society.

Destroying honesty & harmonious relationships among males, females & society.

Demonizing & deflecting equal listening to, belief & protection of males from the common females who treat males in abusive, predatory hypocritical, sexually socially & emotionally passive aggressively & directly manipulative, lying, falsley accusatory, rapist, bullying, stealing, assaultive, truth-censoring confirmation-biased "believe women" demanding, male victim censoring blaming & shaming ways.

Abuses "empowered" by people who ignore, censor & victim blame males for sharing inconvenient truths like this -

Read: http://www.newdemocracyworld.org/culture/misandry.html


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One Last Fact

Do you know that Feminism are Anti-religion? Yes they are! They hate religions and instead, they want to think that they are goddess!

Andrew Tate is feminists BIGGEST enemy. He was once an atheist, but decided to join a religion. Feminists hate Andrew Tate even more.

However, Sinead O' Conner, who is STRONGEST women rights fighter ALSO join a religion!

What does this tells you about Feminism? It is Satanic. You do not need Feminism, you need a religion.


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