Afterlife? Still No Proof (And Other Good News)

Is there an afterlife? What happens when we die? Where do we go when we die?

Well there’s a chirpy topic to bring up over dinner with friends, right? It’s like ‘Crikey Linda, we’re trying to enjoy a lasagna over here’, right?

afterlife-stll-no-proof-and-other-good-news-science-philosophy-positive, linda-ruins-another-lasagna
Another pasta dish ruined by Linda!

Well, maybe Linda is on to something…

(bear with me here...)

Proof of the Afterlife? here comes the science:

I’ve done some research, I’ve combed through scientific journals, philosophical publications, spoken to experts, watched YouTube tutorials, the lot. And just for you, I’ve curated a list of everything that proves the existence of an afterlife…  

afterlife-stll-no-proof-and-other-good-news-science-philosophy-positivity, parenting, very short list, empty list
Why is the list so short?

*whispers* There’s (still) no proof that it exist.

Seeings as I trust science to treat cancer patients, send rockets to the moon and predict crazy things like earthquakes, I’m going to go ahead and trust them on the olde afterlife too. I’m consistent like that. 

As far as life and existence go, I reckon this is it folks. No sequel. No do overs. No floating up to hang with your Granny in a fluffy cloud paradise. No coming back as an rich, attractive person who is a professional chocolate taster and has fabulous hair. Swoon. I believe Science when it tells me that this is all there is, in terms of life as we know it.

Now, if you want to get into the first law of thermodynamics (come on nerds, who’s with me?!) energy can’t be created or destroyed, just changed from one form to another. So the energy that is ‘you’ will indeed transform into something lovely like a plant, an insect or maybe a nice bit of bacteria if things go that way after you die. Turning into mushrooms might not be quite the heaven you had in mind, but it is the only ‘afterlife’ that has ever been proven to be true.


$#*t! Wait, why is that not Super Terrifying, again?

So, friend, you may be thinking that having no afterlife is a little, well, uncomprehendingly terrifying, but I happen to think it’s the most liberating and magical piece of news you could hear today.

Think about it - the energy that is you could have formed into a slug, a bit of bark on a tree, a grain of sand. But nay, you became a human, a person, with thoughts and desires and limbs and and all the things.

You can dance, discover the cure for cancer, wear fancy hats. You can knit a scarf, become the next Beyoncé, laugh so much you ugly-snort yogurt out your nose. You can sing karaoke, drunk and out of tune at 3 am with your best friends on your birthday (ahem) and you can get on a plane (or fly a bloomin plane) to a fabulous tropical island and look at the pretty fish as you bask in the sunshine and sip a mojito. You can fall in love. You can have sex. You can fall in love AND have sex. Sigh. Basically, you won the flippin’ Energy Lottery of all the entire universe, and here you are complaining that they are out of your brand of cereal at the supermarket, again.


No Slugs Please! This is the Afterlife

Do you know how many times a grain of sand gets to have sex? Or eat cake? That could be you my friend. That sad sexless grain of sand could be you and your energy! But instead you’re a person with one whole life full of possibility and adventure laid out before you just asking to be lived.

For the love of sweet merciful crap can we please try to appreciate that instead of fretting about the afterlife? Get out there, have a look around and bask in the glorious fabulousness that is life as an animate person, who is not a slug (no offense slugs), and who can (in theory) do a cartwheel and eat a chocolate cake and look a dear one in the eye, tell them you love them, hear them say they love you too and know in your heart that this is true.

afterlife-stll-no-proof-and-other-good-news-scienc, philosophy-positivity, parenting, slug life, thug life,
No Chocolate. No wine. Not even a bit of Karaoke. WTF? #sluglife

Life Before The Afterlife - So Much Cheese!

Yes, at first it may seem like a bit of a downer to chat about over Chicken Kiev, but no matter what your faith tells you about the afterlife, as long as you’re not a slug or a grain of sand you’ve got a pretty fantastical life before death on your hands right now. Just think of all the different types of cheeses and crazy coloured socks you haven’t tried yet. Oh la la, the possibilities are endless!

To quote a guy* I’ve heard of who is supposed to be pretty smart’n’stuff… “There are only two ways to live your life: as though nothing is a miracle, or as though everything is”.  When you believe that this life is the only life you’ll ever have, everything you can see, touch, hear, smell, imagine or remember becomes a wondrous miracle.

And that is why I think the idea of there being no afterlife is the best news you could ever hear. Here’s to all the Lindas bringing it up over dessert - keep on disrupting that cheesecake gurl!



*(ps. That quote is attributed to Einstein. Maybe falsely so, but anyhoo, he’s like, really smart’n’stuff. Trust)

afterlife-stll-no-proof-and-other-good-news-science-philosophy-positivity, parenting, Einstein-quotes-
Was it Einstein who said...?

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