Baby Development Phases - 23 Things My Twins Have Said Hi To, Today. mother_of-Snot_about_feminism_equality_parenting_eco_house_ahoy_there

A Baby Development Phase To Love

It’s a phase, isn’t it? Is it? Or is this just my child now? Where did my sweet little newborn go?

A classic tale of parenting - just when you think you’ve got your little baby boss figured out, they switch everything up and you’re right back to square one. The guessing square. The frustrated square. The ‘awake in the middle of the night crying because you failed at baby-led weaning and you’re convinced that means they’ll grow up to become a violent cult leader’ phase. Oooh, that’s just the roller-coaster of emotions of baby development for you! Newborns, toddlers, threenagers, fournados, five… ok, you get the point, right?. There are phases. Lots of them and as a parent you have no choice but to run the gauntlet, blind, with no instruction manual.

Not all phases are born equally though. Some phases are sweeter, some are more mind numbing than others. The NO phase for example? Great buzz for the littles, not so great for you. Everything is a no. Yes is a no. No is a no. It can be a grinding phase of baby care. It starts at some point in toddlerhood and finishes… well the jury’s still out on that one. Maybe when they grow up, move out and you can’t hear them anymore?

Baby Development Phases - 23 Things My Twins Have Said Hi To, Today. mother_of-Snot_about_feminism_equality_parenting_eco_house.jpg
No means no. To everything apparently!

The ‘Hi’ phase though, is pretty cool. Before having a baby, you didn’t even know that the word ‘hi’ was a thrilling and hilarious game, did you? But now here you are, in the midst of the sweet, sweet Hi phase and there are hours of fun to be had. Not for you, necessarily, but for babies this game can be like your favourite series on Netflix, on repeat, forever. That’s baby YouTube right there. They can’t get enough of it.

For the uninitiated, here are the rules. Get a pen:

Step 1: baby says hi to you

Step 2: you say hi to baby

Step 3: baby says hi to you

Step 4: you say hi to baby

Step 5: baby says hi to you

Step 6: you say hi to baby

Step 7:...

Well, I think you know where this is going - to infinity and beyond basically, unless you go on strike or your baby gets distracted by something shiny. As baby becomes a more experienced Hi-gamer, they move on to the next level - saying hi to everyone. And everything. It can be a delightful and sometimes time consuming practice, but it never stops making me chuckle.

Baby Development Phases - 23 Things My Twins Have Said Hi To, Today. mother_of-Snot_about_feminism_equality_parenting_eco_house_ahoy_there
Ahoy There

So for those new parents who would like a sneak peak at what this child development milestone is like, for those who want to compare notes on their own high level ‘hi-gamer’ or for those stuck in the trenches of parenting and would like a bit of a giggle, I made a list of some of the things my twin boys said hi to in one day. Enjoy the very agreeable whimsey of one year old babies!

23 Things My Twins Said Hi To, In One Day. A List.

  1. The sky

  2. A pigeon

  3. Me, while breastfeeding

  4. My left boob, while breastfeeding on the right

  5. A bus. Every bus.

  6. His own foot

  7. The washing machine

  8. A photo of his twin brother

  9. A leaf

  10. A picture of a train in a book

  11. All the dogs

  12. The bathroom door

  13. A step

  14. His spoon

  15. His bed

  16. A building site

  17. My pee pee

  18. The airplane on his sock

  19. A paper macheé toadstool

  20. A rubbish truck

  21. An ambulance

  22. All the white vans that he thought were ambulances

  23. His imaginary friend on my telephone


Things My Twins Refused To Say Hi To. A (much shorter) List.

  1. People he doesn’t know

  2. People he does know

  3. People saying Hi

  4. People, basically


And the moral of today’s story is…. Nah, there’s no moral. Babies are daft and wonderful and that’s good enough for me.

Hi. I mean, bye. Bye bye.

  • Florence Olufemi-Ojo
    Posted at 12:39h, 19 November Reply

    HAHAHAHHA This post is both enlightening and funny. The part that got me the most is your list of things the twins said hi to and the list they did not say hi to-People basically hahahaha.. it s definitely a great sneak peak into a baby’s development. Parenting is general is a rewarding and can be an overwhelming role, I wish you the best.

    • Mother of Snot
      Posted at 15:29h, 20 November Reply

      Thanks so much for this thoughtful comment! Kids are just daft! I agree, parenting can be overwhelming at times but even so, it’s a fabulous privilege!

  • Aoife
    Posted at 12:52h, 12 February Reply

    Oh Hazel I just found your blog. Your memes are freakin HILARIOUS. I’m crying!!!

    • Mother of Snot
      Posted at 15:41h, 27 February Reply

      Aoife!! Yeay! Is it ok to say I’m glad I made you cry? That was kind of my mission, mua ha ha ha!
      big hugs lovely Mama!!

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