IWD 2019 Barcelona tribute Video, big uterus energy

IWD Barcelona 2019 – Big Uterus Energy Video

With organisation from amazing groups such as Women’s March Barcelona, Ca de la Dona, ACATHI and Homes Igualitaris , the 2019 IWD march was an unyielding success!

Last year’s IWD march in Spain, over 5 million women marched to protest the lack of equal rights, mens violence against women, the gender pay gap, LGBTQ & Trans & migrant women’s rights.

On March 8th this year, activists planned over 500 strikes, student walk outs and marches all around the Iberian peninsula. IWD and the feminist movement has an especially strong foothold in Spain. Thank feminist gawd!

The ultimate goal, defined by the ‘Commisón 8M’ was to “Subvert the world order and the pervading hetero-patriarchal, racist and neoliberal rhetoric.” And oh la la did we give it a good go!

IWD 2019 Barcelona tribute Video, big uterus energy
So many fab signs at IWD 2019 Barcelona. Check out the video below to see them all!

IWD Barcelona 2019

The March in Barcelona was (apparently) 200,000 people strong (although that number seems typically conservative, as usual). In the midst of the protest, I saw strength and also tenderness. There was a palpable air of support, friendship, tenacity, anger, indignance, power, humour, diversity, inspiration and an overwhelming wave of unity. I tried to capture all of that on this video.

I was blown away by the droves of teenagers. They were organised. They were colour coordinated. They had megaphones. I felt a pang of jealousy for teenage me who never got to protest at an IWD march like this. But also a sigh of relief thinking there IS hope for the future!

I saw a young man pushing his elderly mum in her wheel-chair as they shared a can of beer. Women of colour dancing with their children. People on crutches marching along side friends with giant LQBTQI Pride flags. When I saw the people marching behind a Barcelona Trans association banner (Generem), I couldn't hold back the tears.

Despite everything, everyone had shown up to fight for a better world. And because of their tenacity, resilience and bravery, as a parent, I can hope that it's going to be a better, safer, happier world for everyone (including my three year old baby boys), no matter who they are.

This video is a tribute to all those fabulous people at the vanguard of human rights, out there marching for a better world. #balanceforbetter for every last one of us.

IWD - It's Not Just For Feminist Christmas

The fight for equality doesn't just end with the IWD march. There are global organisations and local organisations fighting every day that need your help.

The theme of the march this year was #balanceforbetter. It runs for the rest of the year too. Actual real gender balance would make this world an infinitely better place for everyone. Everyone. Read here about how it could make us all richer, more satisfied, happier in our relationships and free from climate change threats. Isn't that something you'd be interested in? Come on!

If you want to get involved, you could start with the organisations I mentioned at the top of this article. You can also search for women's rights organisations in your local area. They'll be able to tell you (much better than I could) what they need and how you can help them to save the world.

And if you know of or represent any organisations you think the world should know more about... drop me a comment below and start singing their praises.

Ready. Set. Go!

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