What is the Feminist Fact Club?


This is a data driven feminist* blog for humans who aren’t impressed with the stereotypes of who we’re supposed to be and how we’re supposed to be  living our lives.


Skinny? White? Young? Blond? Male? (Occasionally female but only if you’ve got the good boobs?)


Able-bodied? Attractive? On a diet? In debt? In total control?


Think things like spanx and war are ok?


Wait, what? That's not me.  That's hardly any of us!


The Feminist Fact Club is fighting all of this, fighting the patriarchy with data driven facts!



What On The Feminist Fact Club?


Here at the feminist Fact Club we do all the hard hunting and gathering work to build a library of facts, statistics, peer reviewed reports, infographics, science backed research to help you get out there and fight the patriarchy!

We trawl through reports, articles, dissertations, court opinions, patents and science backed research from reputable sources like Google Scholar, The World Economic Forum, UN Women, Forbes, Statista.com, Feedly, Scoopit & Devex... and wrestle the data into beautifully digestible blog posts for you.


It's like Fight Club... but with facts. And the first rule of fact club is... awwwww, we're not huge fans of rules around here. Maybe keep it factual and smash misogyny as much as poss?


Who is The Feminist Fact Club?


It's tough to describe yourself in just a few  words. After much soul searching, I’ve  narrowed it down to just the basics:


Female human on the internet (either incredibly brave or fabulously stupid)


Two time champion bodybuilder**


Would like to talk less and listen more (but can’t quite get the hang of it)

Lover of words (see above)


Hater of Patriarchy


Eats crisps





* Feminism*** 

The radical belief that all people should be treated equally no matter what’s going on between  their legs. 
If you don’t agree with that, have a sit down and see if you can come up with a convincing argument why not.


**Champion bodybuilder? 
 As in, I’ve built two human bodiesin my uterus, and they are absolute champs, so…